Burning Ring of Fire

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The Burning Ring of Fire is a piece of scatter terrain for use in a post-apocalypse setting for tabletop skirmish and role-playing games. These are designed to match the Junk Jumps set and are part of the Dread Race line of terrain for Mad Max style racing or Post-apocalypse games.

These models can be scaled to print for Gaslands (20mm).



Fire has always stoked the passion and rage of a road gladiator. One of the rites of passage for the initiates includes driving their steel chariot through a circle of metal doused in kerosene and set on fire. Some survived and were accepted into the fold, others had their own makeshift funeral pyres.

Terrain models are Print to Order, meaning we will not start the print until your order is received. Please allow for up to a week for printing and processing before your order is shipped. This product is 3D printed and fresh off the build plate. As a result of production, the models may require some sanding, trimming or assembling. There also may be some fine layer lines, these lines can be minimized by using a spray-on filler primer before painting. The terrain may be shipped in different colors and is scaled at 28mm. If you have any questions or would like to request a different scaling, please email us at support@goblinalchemist.com. Please be aware that a different scaling may not work with standard open lock systems.

Goblin Alchemist LLC is a licensed printer of Printable Scenery


20mm, 28mm


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