Clorehaven Inn of the Welcome Wench

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The Inn of the Welcome Wench is an absolutely massive modular building for tabletop role-playing and wargaming.

The full set includes all the pieces needed to make three floors plus a huge modular roof. The cellar includes both large and small storage areas with stairs, as well as three separate rooms; the first floor has a large open area for a bar or pub, two entrances, and three smaller rooms; and the second floor has over a dozen rooms of various sizes with many fireplaces built-in.


Terrain models are Print to Order, meaning we will not start the print until your order is received. Please allow for up to a week for printing and processing before your order is shipped. This product is 3D printed, fresh off the build plate and UNPAINTED. As a result of production, the models may require some sanding, trimming or assembling. There also may be some fine layer lines, these lines can be minimized by using a spray-on filler primer before painting. The terrain may be shipped in different colors and is scaled at 28mm. If you have any questions or would like to request a different scaling, please email us at Please be aware that a different scaling may not work with standard open lock systems.

Goblin Alchemist LLC is a licensed printer of Printable Scenery

For more detailed information, check out the Assembly Guide


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