Clorehaven Manor Inn

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After exploring the vast dungeons beneath the city the exhausted party settled at the Manor Inn for some hot food and rest. Rumor had it that it was once haunted and that a band of adventurers restored it after finding a treasure hoard deep beneath the city. Little can be seen of its former ruin, which has been repaired and painted. The floating steins of ale and plates of steaming food look somewhat weird at first. It seems the adventures did not rid the inn of its former occupants but persuaded them into service. The patrons don’t seem to mind though as there is a lively crowd in good spirits.


The Manor Inn expansion set pack includes a variety of pieces to create a large manor, inn or mansion. Included are ladder walls, roof-window combinations, hatch doors, doorway & column mashups and a new turret system in both schist and tudor style. The walls, floors, and roof pieces are all modular pieces that are connected using OpenLock clips (included), so they can be modified to suit your needs or repurposed to make your own buildings. Note that because the basement would go below the first floor, so some scenery modeling will be needed to make the first floor doors level with the ground you are playing on if you wish all the floors stacked on each other simultaneously. The item comes unpainted in almost 700 pieces (plus all the necessary OpenLock clips)

Terrain models are Print to Order, meaning we will not start the print until your order is received. Please allow for up to a week for printing and processing before your order is shipped. This product is 3D printed and fresh off the build plate. As a result of production, the models may require some sanding, trimming or assembling. There also may be some fine layer lines, these lines can be minimized by using a spray on filler primer before painting. The terrain may be shipped in different colors and is scaled at 28mm. If you have any questions or would like to request a different scaling, please email us at Please be aware that a different scaling may not work with standard open lock systems.

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